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Artista Rosario

Q.  How long have you been perusing your musical career?

A.  I have been pursuing my music career since the age of 13. I am currently 26.

Q.  When growing up did you have someone in your family or maybe in your live that influenced you in becoming a singer?

A.  Growing up in an unstable environment, the radio played a very big influence in what I wanted to do. Listening to the likes of Frankie Ruiz and Hector Lavoe among others helped me translate my struggles onto paper and I started writing my feelings down at an early age.

Q.  Your music talk a lot about love, passion and romance, do you get your inspiration from personal life or people you have encounter? 

A.  Yes, almost all of my songs are inspired by personal encounters with life itself.

Q.  Most people get to listen to the final product of a song but few are aware of the work and dedication that goes into a song or album, when you go to the studio, do you write down what type of song, music or concept you want ahead of time first or do you go with an open mind and just listen to music and then create the song?

A.  I always go into everything I do with an open mind.  It feels like I just want to make love to your soul when I am writing music and then I just let my heart speak.


Q.  Do you typically write most of your songs or do you collaborate with any producers?

A.  In the beginning I started out writing for other artists. Now I write for myself. I like being involved in every aspect of my songs.

Q.  How was your childhood?  Any memories that have mold you into the artist you are today?

A.  My childhood was very difficult. I spent time in foster homes and did not have any real stability. That definitely helped mold me become not only as an artist but as a man. It taught me about priorities and what is really important in life.  It also taught me values and respect which shapes my everyday life.

Q.  Any artist that you tended to hear to when growing up that has had an influence on the type of music you do?

A.  I listened to any type of music growing up as long as it has a message and made you think. I listened to anything from rock to blues, from pop to Latin, from rap to jazz. As far as whom, the list goes on and on too many to mention.


Contact information

Manager - Louie Navedo (347) 865-4665

Assistant - Jose Pineda (347) 372-4083

A & R - Victor “Ax” Romero (718) 450-6930



Q.  Any new projects you working on?

A.  My first Album “Teatro De La Mente” (Theatre Of The Mind) is set to be released in early 2014.

Q.  Before you get on stage do you have a ritual you follow to calm down or is the excitement of the crowd enough to get you moving?

A.  Before I get on stage I pray and thank god for putting me in the position where I am today. I think about everything I been through and how fortunate I am to perform in front of people that want to see me perform.  Then I give them my all and hopefully they go home happy.


Credits and Thank you  

I want to thank God, First and foremost, I want to thank my Amillormore Entertainment family. Russell Cascardo, Lou Navedo, Jose Pineda and Ax The Bull for all the hard work and dedication. I would also like to thank my fans because without them there is no Artista Rosario.

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