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Feature Artist / Eli Jas

Q.  At what age or what was the defining moment in your life that you said; “This is what I want to do be a singer”?

-I always loved to sing but it was at the age of 14 when I got the chance to go into the studio for the first time. I fell in love with not only the atmosphere but also with the fact I was able to express myself through song and writing. When I sing, its very natural and I’m at home.

Q.  What do you use as inspiration for your songs?  Do you write your own songs or do you collaborate with any song writer or writers?  

-I do write my own music and I also love to collaborate with other writers and artists to organically create new sounds and swap ideas back and forth . I think the key is to be open minded when doing music. I favor thinking outside of the box. When I write I love writing from experience. I love showing a lot of depth and emotion in my lyrics and attitude in my tone.

Q.  We preview your song “Deseandote”, who produced the song? Did you write the song or did you have someone else write the song? 

-The song is called “Deseandote” and was written by Chris Hierro and produced by Chris along with Sergio George. Chris is such a talented songwriter and a great friend of mine we get very creative when in the studio and work super well together! Also having Sergio George putting his input on “Deseandote” was fabulous because he gave it that extra flavor it needed.

Q.  When creating “Sergio George” was it your intention to get everyone that hears it moving and wanting to go out to a club and dance the song?  

-Oh yes! That was the exact intention with “Deseandote”.

Q.  Was it easy working with Fito Blanko?  Was it your decision to have him collaborate with you or did he approach you first.  

-Fito Blanko is super fun to work with. As an artist, he has so many awesome ideas and I needed him to add his flavor to this track. I showed him the track while I was in Toronto and he offered to do a verse on it. The track came out bigger than I ever imagined it’d be. It’s one thing going through the musical process but once everything is perfected it blows my mind every time to hear the mastered version of my songs.

Q.  Most people get to listen to the final product of a song but few are aware of the work and dedication that goes into a song or album, when you go to the studio, do you write down what type of song, music or concept you want ahead of time first or do you go with an open mind and just listen to music and then create the song?

- It depends on how I’m feeling. I usually write lyrics whenever I feel inspired and If I feel I can come up with something from scratch with my team that day, I will surely do so.

Q.  Eli Jas, what motivates you every day to pursue your singing career?

- My motivation is based on my love for music and singing. Singing has always been a way for me to express myself. It is my therapy and keeps me sane.  

Q.  Any other projects you are working on, that we may expect in the near future?  

-I am currently working on my album. There is no concrete date yet, but I’m sure 2014 will be a promising year!

Q.  What advice would you give young people that are interested pursuing a singing career or modeling career?  

-I would say to NEVER GIVE UP. Things worth having will never ever come so easily. Perfect your craft, and be the best version of yourself you can be. Remember this is not a competition, all of us go at our own speed. Just be sure when you are working on your passion to be filled with love and faith and trust that whatever is needed will surely come.


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