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International Boyz

Q.  How did the group internationalboyz come together?  Where you guy’s all child hood friends or are you guys related?  

A.  We were three artist aiming for the same target even tho we used to sing different type of music, we used to work with the same producer RODOLFO REYES "Dub-R" . One day AGL,Ronny  & Yulio were  in the studio at the same time and they decided to work on a song ft us three, so we did and realized that we had a great chemistry musically and we got along really well, so we decided to aim for that goal together..

Q.  Who came up with the name Internationalboyz?

A.  We came with the name International Boyz because we don't only do one type of music we develop different genre like: Bachata, Merengue, Pop, Vallenato, R&b & etc.

Q.  Could you guys tell us your individual names?

A.  Angel"A.G.L"  ,Ronny "Ronny Junior" & Yulio "Yulio Cartoon"

Q.  The song “Yo te quiero asi” who wrote it?  Was a group concept or one of you come up with the concept?

A.  The Song "Yo Te Quiero Asi" was  written by us three. Each one wrote their part. We can with this type of concept because we wanted people identify them self with the song.


International Boyz - Yo Te Quiero Asi


Q.  When beginning a new project, how do you guys agree as a group to work on it?

A.   I guess you could say we all like music with a message don't get me wrong sometimes we disagree but at the end we mix our ideas and make it work.

Q.  Where were you guys born?

A.  AGL was born in Dominican Republic, Yulio was born in the United States, but raise in D.R and  Ronny from United States.

Q.  Any new projects in the horizon? 

A.  Yes, we starting a new project which everybody will be surprised of if. We hope everybody keep supporting us because we coming with single that will touch every heart of all our fans.

Q.  What advice would you give young people that are interested pursuing a singing career?

A.   Never let no one bring you down if you have the gift you have it. You have a dream you protect it..People want to tell you that you can't do something because they can't do it themselves. If you have a dream you u  chase it period..

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