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Jason Rosell

Dream it and work it! Anything is possible and all obstacles make you stronger as you go. Never quit!
— Jason Rosell

Q.  At what age or what was the defining moment in your life that you said; “This is what I want to do be a singer?”

A.  I grew up in a family of music as my mother was a recording artist at one point in her life back in the early 80's and my father played every instrument you can think of.  It has been always my biggest passion as a young boy, but life got in the way, and as I got older and started doing film, Tv shows, reality television and celebrity fitness, etc, I simply never had the time.  Last year I finally put my foot down, and decided to work on Latin/Pop/EDM/Workout music that not only will make people dance around the world, but to workout too as well. I can now say I do it all, and I love it!

Q.  What do you use as inspiration for your songs?  Do you write your own songs or do you collaborate with any song writer or writers?

A.  My inspiration is driven from my Latin and European roots as I am 75% Spaniard and 25% P Rican. I love R&B, Pop, Oldies, Latin and EDM as well which help me with music ideas and compositions. I wrote “Caliente” on my own, and the next singles I collaborated with two very talented producers/writers that go bu the name of “Kepler.” 

Q.  We viewed your “Ayy Mami video”, and it’s hot, who’s the producer?  Did you handpicked the model or you did you leave that the video casting to others, what was the process in case there are ladies that interested in being the lucky lady in one of your future videos? Do you get involved in the creation of your music videos, or that’s something you leave to the video producer or other people? 

A.  - “Ayy Mami” was produced by “Kepler,” and after holding many castings, I ended up casting my good friend; Lauren Pappas aka “DJ Vtrixx.”   She did amazing and happy with her performance. I do everything on my own with a few talented individuals via my production company that I own and operate www.DewITproductions.com . We do everything from casting, directing, producing, filming all of my own music videos, as well as films, commercials, and other videos for clients. I do it all in front and behind the camera from marketing, sales etc,, because no one will do the job better than you can :) Visit my company site for more information. I love working with people on many projects!

Q.  When creating “Ayy Mami” was it your intention to get everyone that hears it moving and wanting to go out to a club and dance the song?

A. My goal was for everyone around to world to not only hear it, but dance and workout to it at the gym, clubs, and living room, everywhere! I am proud to say so far in just a month of release, it is going a lot better than expected making it to #32 in the Amazon dance charts and reaching #27 on the iTunes/lyrics Latin charts. It has been getting a lot of press on MTV and other sites, exciting stuff!

Q.  Most people get to listen to the final product of a song but few are aware of the work and dedication that goes into a song or album, when you go to the studio, do you write down what type of song, music or concept you want ahead of time first or do you go with an open mind and just listen to music and then create the song?

A.  Seriously,, I am a workaholic. I wake up at 5:30 am to train clients as I have my fitness company as well www.CalienteFitness.net . In between clients I am running to auditions, attending business meetings, and working all the way until 8pm. From there I am either working on coming up with new ideas for everything that I do, which also includes making new music ideas/hooks which later I present to my music producer/writers and they get to work on tracks so that later I come into the studio and lay down my vocals. This is a business, and you ALWAYS have to be on point, not just make music just to only have fun, or just workout to get some half ass results, you have to be on point in all areas baby!

Q.  Jason your song “Caliente” had a lot of commercial success, how has “Ayy Mami” Being received by your fans and the media?

A.  So far, “Ayy Mami” is doing even better, but Caliente is getting a lot of love all of the sudden overseas in countries like China and Russia.



Q.  Jason, do you have a daily exercise routine that you do every day?

A.  No! I always do something different, I love versatility and I treat all my clients the same regardless if they are entertainment celebrities or 9-5 offices workers.

Q.  Jason Rosell, what motivates you every day to pursue all of your endeavors?  You must have an extremely packed schedule?

A.  Anything that I have ever put my mind to I always get it no matter how hard or how long it takes to get. I am used to everyone in my life saying “no.” That has pushed me to achieve everything I have done and do. It is very hard to have balance doing everything, but I manage it the best I can as I am overworking now to live a life I envision and teach others how to achieve their dreams and goals in life.


Q.  What advice would you give young people that are interested pursuing a singing career or modeling career?

A.  Dream it and work it! Anything is possible and all obstacles make you stronger as you go. Never quit!


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