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Ingrid Araly

Q.  At what age or what was the defining moment in your life that you said; “This is what I want to do be a Model”?

A.  There was never really a single defining moment for me. Modeling was just something I always knew I wanted to do. I grew up dreaming about it and now it has become my life. I’ve been so blessed!

Q. Would you mind telling our viewers where were you born?

A.  Was born in Medellin Colombia

Q.  When you are doing a photo shoot is there a specific type of music you like to listen to or an artist you preferred?

A.  I love house music, anything with a really sexy beat. Music is an amazing art. It helps you focus and control your emotions. With any shoot I’ve booked, I’m always listening to a new playlist. Music allows us to completely let go.  Once you do,you’re free to explore your emotional side. I think that ability really brings out the best work in any artist.


Q.  What we found out at ritmomusic.com is that every model has a favorite location to shoot or a preference, some models like to only shoot at an inside studio location, others like a particular beach, others like a particular state or place; Ingrid, do you have a particular place?

A.  I love shooting outdoors, especially tropical or exotic locations. I recently came back from Los Angles where I had been shooting with Arthur St John; the majority of this project was shot on the California coastline under a gorgeous golden sunset. This was my favorite of recent experiences, but studio shoots can be fun too. I love challenging myself with different kinds of work. Indoor sets can sometimes look better then the outdoors. An auto garage with a Maserati or an abandon airplane hanger can really look hot as a backdrop. It’s adrenalizing to see how it all turns out!

Q.  I know is hard to answer this question because there are so many good photographers that you might have work with, but do you have a favorite photographer?  Or maybe when you guys work as a team photos come out amazing, or maybe he/she gets out the best of you in the photo shoots?

A.  I have worked with many different photographers and every one of them is extremely talented in their own right.  It’s impossible to play favorites, but this month I’m partial to Arthur St John from Los Angeles and Julio Carreras (Shobix Photography) from New Jersey. These guys really took the project to the next level, during the shoot and in post-production.


Q.  If ritmomusic.com was to look into your phone or portable device, what type of music would we find? 

A. Reggaeton, hip hop, house music, salsa , bachata, I love them all.

Q.  Ingrid, what motivates you every day to pursue your modeling career?

A.  My life and the insatiable desire to be part of something incredible are core, but my family has always been the strongest element in keeping me motivated. My Mom has been a true inspiration.  As I’ve grown in popularity so have my followers on social media, that’s really been exciting to watch, everyone has been so supportive. I have the best fans in the world and knowing that is really motivating. I love surprising them with new photos and videos. It’s so rewarding!

Q.  What advice would you give young girls that are interested or mothers what have young girls interested in pursuing a modeling career?

A. You really need to focus on what you want and stay committed to your passion.  This life is an investment, and it takes years of hard work and determination to see your goals play out. You need to be strong, and if you can focus on that strength, the ride is incredible.  Relationships and commitments all have their place, but to be a model, the shoot must come first.

Q.  Is it as easy as you make it look in your photos, or is a photo shoots long and lots of retakes?  Because for the average person it looks like all fun and no work.

A.  The hours can be long and the locations can be cold an uncomfortable.  There is always a level of professionalism and a strict set of rules that we have to follow. Recently, I was flipping through a magazine spread I shot last year.  It was a gorgeous 4-page layout of me on a beach in a sexy bikini, sun kissed and under a crystal blue sky! It looked so beautiful. Then I remembered the actual shoot. haha. This particular job was done in New Jersey, in January inside a warehouse with a green screen.  The temperate was 40 degrees and the photographers were spraying me with ice cold water on concrete floor covered in sand... In between photos, I would wrap up in a huge blanket to keep warm. So, to answer your question, I never look at my modeling as being fun or easy.  It’s my passion; being comfortable or having a great time is not important.  I’m doing what I love. When I’m on set, it’s exhilarating and rewarding! There is nothing like it in the world.

Q.  I know hard is hard imagine but you do eat, well do you? If so what is your favorite food or dishes? 

A.  I eat everything in moderation; my favorites dishes are Bandeja paisa, sea food, my favorite is lobster.


Ingrid Araly

For info or booking  

info@ingridaraly.com - info or questions, and booking

Justin@impactimages.com - booking for movies, television and events.

www.backstage.com/ingridaraly - booking portfolio for movies and Music Vidoes. 

Management – Justin Paul / Impact media Group  www.impactimages.com www.firstupmedia.com  / www.justin-paul.com

Photographers and video – Caliber photos, Mar Photography, Arthur St John, Alfi Regis, Isadora, Shobix Photography, Fernando Andre, Metropolis Nights, Full Frame Productions, Kike Sebe, Dan Ronald , Tatan Zuleta, Kenny Canno, los goonies, toxic images



Q.  How where you when you were growing up? Where you a town boy? Or were you always as a little girls growing up wearing high heels, skirts and makeup?

A.  Hahaha yes, Ive always been a little princess, skirts and short tops showing my belly, Always sexy.

Q.  We noticed that a lot of the models choose the profession because they had parents that allowed them to participate in pageants when younger, did you participate in pageants when younger?

A.  Started with town pageants in Medellin when I was 11. My Mom has been so supportive over the years. She’s been my best friend and has always encouraged my passion.

Q.  Do you come from a big family, lots of siblings?

A.  My family is actually pretty small – I only have one sibling, My brother. Love him!

Q. Your good looks, from what side of the family do you get them? Mother or Father or would you say a combination of both?

A.  My looks definitely come from my Mom’s side. Thank God! Haha.


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