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This promotional package is for artist and singles only. 

This promotion is for only a single; each additional single will cost $59.00.  The promotions term is a month.  Within the month we will place your artist information within key sections of our website to maximize your exposure.  If you wish to continue the promotion after the term, a payment is required monthly.

Monthly Price Only $ 59.00

Your promotional package with includes

·         Your own page as an artist / ritmomusic.musicpromotionartist (and your name as an artist’s) .  We will send you a link so that you may promote it on your social networks.

o   Within the page your we will include      

§  Two videos

§  The song MP3 ( the song is not downloadable for visitors)

§  A biography or news of the artist.  ( Artist must provide biography or content)

§  Links to your social Medias.  Maximum of three

What you need to begin promoting your song within

·         Go to the music promotions payment and purchase the artist song product

·         Send us your song mp3 format

·         Send us up to 10 photos of you as an artist

·         Your biography or news (if you do not provide us with a biography or news , we will try to attempt to find some online of your, if not your page will not contain any information of you as artist

·         Links to your social media

It is that simple, don’t delay any longer and get your music exposed today. 

After making your payment, please allow us up to 24 hours to make your page and start promoting it. 

If you have any further questions you could fill out the form in this page or email us directly at

To begin promoting your music today click on the left link .

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