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When Ritmomusic sat down to talk jewelry with Jacob it was very obvious why he has garnish a reputation within the music and sports industry as one of the best designers of jewelry.  He takes every project as if it was his only project and is a craftsmanship in the details that goes into every single design.  He takes the time in understating what the customer wants and what style the customer wants to portrayed when wearing a particular piece of jewelry that he designs.  His focus on details and not finishing until every stone is its correct place is what makes him and Rafaello and Company one of the top destinations for Artist and Athletes. 



Q.  At what age or what was the defining moment in your life that you said; “This is what I want to do be a jewelry designer”?



A.  I was in law school for two years before I decided to join my family’s business.



Q.  How was your childhood?  Were you surrounded by family members or by friends of the family that were involved with in the jewelry business?



A.   My family and friend were all involve in the jewelry business.   So it was natural for me to transition from Law School to jewelry designer.



Q.   When did your store finally open, that you started selling your designs to customers?


A.   Rafaello & Company has been around for 5 years.


Q.   You are definitely a creative person by nature, where do you generate your ideas from when creating Jewelry?

A.   I get my inspirations from the world, the culture and within my twisted mind.

Q.   Where do we have to go to preview your products, and do you have a website?

A.  You can visit the flagship store located in the heart of the diamond district at: 22 West 47th Street New York, NY. We are currently working on a website that will feature; all types of jewelry for purchase, blogs, and fashion. People can email us at INFO@rafaelloAndCompany.com and provide us with information such as important dates in your life (birthdays, anniversaries etc.) as well as what they are interested in (watches, bracelets, earrings etc.) we can send special deals and discounts www.RafaelloAndCompany.com

Q.   Are you inspired by music when creating a new piece?

A.   Most defiantly. Music is a big part of our culture.

Q.  If I’m a bride and I have a genera idea for jewelry for my wedding, would you create unique jewelry?  Or do you take special orders? 

A.  Both. It’s a combination of the bride’s ideas and my professional suggestions.

Q.  Have you design jewelry for any celebrities in particular?

A.  Yes, many. That is my specialty.

Q.  Would you say most celebrities order watches or necklaces?

A.  Both. Watches are the main accessories for a man. When it comes to necklaces, the pieces I create make people notice my work, my brand and my creativeness. I like to make sure my clients differentiate from the next guy.

Q.  Can some one visit your store for a private consultation?  Maybe there are video producers or artists that are looking to keep an edge on fashion from other artists and are looking for a place that could provide them a one stop shop for their video or performance jewelry. 



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